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Sammamish Issaquah Young Life Camp 2019

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What does it take to be a YL leader? Can’t we just send a college kid for a week?

Young Life is more than just a camping experience, it is a relational year-long ministry. Young Life Leaders are more than camp counselors or chaperones. Leaders are local adults who are willing, excited, and able to invest in the lives of students. Leaders take kids to Camp, but also walk alongside kids at home, during the school year, and act as mentors, friends, and resources for when life is tough. They are committed encouragers; going to school plays, sporting events, and coffee shops to meet and engage with kids where they are.

In years past, not every student has had a stable leader, but we've had amazing, yet short-term commitment, folks to take kids to camp. While this allows for the kids to go to camp, it creates unstable and unhealthy year-round mi​nistry. Those kids go home and often lose touch with the person who took them to camp and therefore miss out on important follow up opportunities that allow them to ask questions to help them develop their faith. Camp is meant to be a launch-pad for what happens after an incredible and memorable shared experience. Because we think every kid deserves a year-round leader, we are holding fast to the idea that every camper must have at least 1 committed year-round leader before we can take that group to camp.

What happens if there aren't leaders currently at my child's school?
​Our greatest desire is to have active, healthy Young Life in every middle school and high school within our area. It is our constant prayer. Young Life as a program fails to survive, let alone thrive, without willling and engaged year-round leaders.
If your child's school does not have leaders currently, please reach out to us and join us in the recruitment process. Can you think of anyone who would make a good Young Life or WyldLife leader? If so, let us know!

What is camp?
During a week full of high adventure and fun, kids are given the chance to build strong friendships, hear the message of Christ’s unconditional love for them and have a Leader walk alongside them as they take their first steps, or new steps, in pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ.

When is camp?
The Dates for Camp change every year based on national camp allocation. Summer 2019 our camp dates are:

6th Grade WFR- Canyon $675

Thursday, August 1- Monday, August 5, 2019

Current 6th graders - grad year 2025

Issaquah and Skyline Communities

7th and 8th grade WFR- Creekside $675

Friday, July 19 - Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Current 7th & 8th graders - grad years 2024 & 2023

Issaquah, Eastside Catholic, Liberty & Skyline communities

Issaquah High School WFR- Canyon $850

Friday, July 5 - Thursday, July 11, 2019

Current 9th - 12th graders - grad years 2019 - 2022

Malibu Club $899

Current 9th - 12th graders - grad years 2019 - 2022

Eastlake & Skyline High School: Saturday, July 20- Friday, July 26, 2019

Liberty High School: Sunday, July 7- Saturday, July 13, 2019

Eastside Catholic community: Monday, July 1 - Sunday, July 7, 2019

Capernaum WFR Canyon $850

Friday, July 12 - Thursday, July 18, 2019

All Area, Ages 14-23

Malibu Discipleship Weekend $555

Current 11th & 12th graders - grad years 2019 & 2020

All school communities: May 24 - May 27, 2019

Where is camp?
Young Life has 32 camps located throughout the world and each region uses the properties nearest them! Sammamish/Issaquah groups goes to Camp at the following properties:
Washington Family Ranch Creekside
Washington Family Ranch Canyon

Does Young Life make money on camp registration fees?
No! Young Life wants to send kids an incredible week-long adventure they won't ever forget, at the lowest possible price to each student and their family. While we understand that camp fees seem expensive, but we promise that our Area office does not profit from sending kids to summer camp. Camp costs are set by calculating what it costs per student for a week at camp, transportation, and sending the appropriate number of Leaders on each trip. Should you need financial assistance- reach out to the office- we've got fundraiser opportunities!​

What is the contact info for camp?
  • To reach Malibu via email, contact, via phone: 778-331-7944
  • ​To reach WFR via email, contact:, via phone: 541-489-3100 
Due to the high volume of calls and emails, we ask that you work with our Area office, should you have any questions. Only use the Camp contact information in an emergency. A no cell phone policy is strictly enforced while at camp and, at most properties, there is little cell coverage.

Who else will be at camp?
​​Most Young Life camps hold anywhere between 350 and 450 campers each week! Our groups will usually share the camp property with other kids from our greater division but could include kids from international Young Life programs too!

Camp Registration
When does registration open?
Online Registration opens January 22nd, 2019, at 9am. While the time or day you register online holds no weight, we strongly encourage you to register as soon as possible so we can start planning our trips accordingly!

Where do I register?
We use a third-party site called ActiveWorks to assist us in the registration and payment process. The link will be posted here when registration begins!

When is the last day to register?
While registration does not close, we are given a limited number of spots each year and space is limited! We will start allocating spots on February 15th and all health forms and balances will be due March 24th.

How do I Register on ActiveWorks?
In order to register your child, please use the “Camp Registration” link to be taken to ActiveWorks, our third party camp registration system. You will then create a family portal that you can use to register any child for camp - This portal remain available year after year, so there is no need to make a new portal if you already have one! The link will be posted here when registeration begins!

Where do I complete my child’s health form?
The mandatory Young Life Health form is NOT found within ActiveWorks.
These forms will be collected directly through the Young Life Service Center and sent to the correct camp! The link to complete the forms will be posted here when registration begins!

Can I register my child with their friend from a different school?
Our Area is broken up into school-based communities in order to help our Leaders focus their efforts to get to know kids. At Camp, we will be separated into cabins based on the Young Life Leader. While we understand student friendships often cross school boundaries because of sports or other activities, we ask that you register your child for the trip associated with their school so that their Young Life leader can stay in touch with them even after camp.

Can a student go if there isn’t Young Life/ WyldLife at their school?
While it is our hope that every student that signs up is able to go to camp, we will give priority to students who go to school where there is ACTIVE Young Life ministry. This is the only way we can ensure that each student who goes to camp will have access to their Young Life leader and local programing upon returning from Camp. If you and your community would like to start Young Life at a new school- reach out to us so we can work together to find Leaders.

What camp, what area number, what week is my child’s trip?
Our Area Number for Sammamish/ Issaquah is: WA260

Please see below for the date, week number, and camp property for your child’s trip!
Eastside Catholic High School: July 1- 7th, Week 5, Malibu Club
Skyline & Eastlake High School: July 20- July 26th, Week 8, Malibu Club 
Liberty High School: July 7- July 13th, Week 6, Malibu Club
Issaquah High School: July 5-11th, Week 4, WFR Canyon
Issaquah, Eastside Catholic, Liberty, and Skyline 7th-8th grade trip: July 19-23rd, Week 8, WFR Creekside
Issaquah and Skyline 6th Grade trip: August 1-5th, Week 8, WFR Canyon
All-Area Capernaum: July 12-18, Week 5, WFR Canyon

Allocating Spots
When will I know if my child is officially “in”?
We will have 4 “waves” of spot allocations. Depending on when you register and when we confirm we have a leader for your child’s age group, you will find out if your child has received a spot on one of our trips on one of the following days:
  • Wave 1: February 1
  • Wave 2: March 10
  • Wave 3: April 15th

What wave am I in?
If you register before February 1st, you are in Wave 1.
If you register after February first, but before March 10th, you are in Wave 2.
If you register after March 10th, you are in Wave 3.
If for any reason your child is not "let in" with your initial wave, you will be automatically placed in the next wave.

How many spots are available?
We are allocated spots for our Area by the Young Life Regional Office and the number we receive changes every year. We are determined to find a spot for every kid who wants to attend camp, as long as we have a year-round Leader to go with them.

What’s the waitlist/ how many does it work?
Our waitlist isn’t a normal waitlist- Kids that sign up first aren’t given preferential treatment- the waitlist is not a ranked list of kids depending on when they signed up. We place every single student on the waitlist after registration to allow us time to see how many students from each school and grade have signed up vs how many leaders we have going on the trip.

Is there a second timer policy?
Right now, there is no firm second timer policy. Students can go back to camp as many times as they want, as long as there are spots available and Leaders to take them. However, preferential treatment will be given to first-timers if spots are limited.
Camp is different the second-time around, so we urge campers to connect with their Young Life Leader to see how they can explore every available opportunity. While camp may be a great idea, another experience like Discipleship Camp or Work Crew could be more beneficial.

When is the last day I can let you know if we want the spot?

For the first wave of “let-ins”, a $100 deposit and the student’s health form is due on February 14th. If you have yet to pay the deposit or submit the Health form, we will unregister your child to allow another student to take their place. You can always re-register, and your child may be let in the second wave. The full balance will be due March 24th.

For the second wave of “let-ins”, the $100 Deposit and the student’s health form is due on March 24th. If you have yet to pay the deposit or submit the Health form, we will unregister your child to allow another student to take their place. You can always re-register, and your child may be let in the third wave. The full balance will be due April 22nd.

For the third wave of “let-ins”, the FULL BALANCE and the student’s health form is due on April 22nd. There is NO DEPOSIT to pay. If you have yet to contact the office or pay the the balance/submit the Health form, we will unregister your child to allow another student to take their place. You can always re-register, but we cannot guarantee a spot for your child.

Where and How do I fill out health form?
This online form will be sent directly to the Sammamish/Issaquah office and the correct camp by the service center. Each section must be filled out completely and correctly. We need an up-to-date immunization record either attached or sent via mail or email to the office. A doctor's signature/physical is NOT REQUIRED unless your child is going on a Beyond Malibu (backpacking/kayaking) trip. If your child has attended a Young Life camp in the past, sign in as a Return User. Make sure to put your child’s name in the camper field, not your own.
Please upload all immunization forms. No paper forms will be accepted.

First Time User
1. Create an account using the Don't Have an Account Yet link
2. Click the Create New Form button
3. Create an online signature
4. Complete each page of the form then click Submit Form button
Return User
1. Use the COPY button to copy your form from last year
2. Review and update all required information
3. Submit the form

DO NOT SEARCH FOR HOME AREA BY ZIP, ENTER IN AREA NUMBER: WA260. In doing so, your form may get sent to the wrong Area and we won’t be able to track it properly. Before submitting the form, please confirm you have the correct Area, Camp and Session.

How do I handle my child’s medications?
All medications are required to be listed on the child’s health form to be documented before kids arrive at camp. Upon trip departure, all medications should be packed in their original container, placed in a ziploc bag, and labeled with the child’s name and YL Area.  Upon arrival, campers will check in their medications to the camp doctor for safe storage. Under Oregon state and Canadian law, medications will be administered by a member of the medical team at camp. Emergency medication such as epi-pens, insulin for diabetics and inhalers may be kept by the camper.

My child is going to Malibu- what are the other forms I need to fill out?
Because we are crossing the border into Canada, we require an additional paper form.
Border consent form: This informs border patrol that we have permission to take your child, a minor, over country lines.  
The Medical Consent to be Treated in Cananda is now a part of the online health form- YAY!

Can I send a photocopy of my child’s forms?
No. The border form must have ‘real’ signatures- we cannot accept photocopies or scanned documents. All health forms must be completed through the Young Life Health Form portal, including insurance card copies and immunization records.

Can I send my child’s health form to the bus?  
No. All health forms must be completed through the Young Life Health Form portal, including insurance card copies and immunization records. These forms will be due long before we depart, so this should not be a problem.

Do I have to include my child’s insurance info and shot records?
Yes. Young Life needs up-to-date insurance and immunization records for liability reasons.

How much does camp cost?
The price of camp varies due to transportation costs and the length of camp itself. We try to keep camp as reasonable as possible, only including fees that are absolutely necessary to make the trip go smoothly.

  • Malibu Discipleship Weekend (All Juniors and Seniors): $555.00 
  • Malibu Club (Eastlake, Eastside Catholic Liberty, and Skyline): $899.00
  • Washington Family Ranch Canyon (Issaquah High School): $850.00
  • Washington Family Ranch Creekside (Issaquah, Eastside Catholic, Liberty, and Skyline Middle schools): $675.00
  • Washington Family Ranch Canyon (6th grade): $675.00
  • Washington Family Ranch Canyon (Capernaum): $850.00
Why does it cost so much and what does the price include?
Young Life camps are not ordinary wilderness camps with musty tents and weenie roasts. Consider Young Life’s version of camping more like a 5 star Kid-centric resort- especially designed for high adventure, lots of fun, great food and excellent speakers who understand and respect high school and middle school kids.The price of camp covers all meals, lodging, a camp tee-shirt, and transportation.

Can I get a refund if my child doesn’t go?
We understand that plans change and life happens. If you have registered your child and have paid any amount of the balance, you can get a refund (minus the $100 non refundable deposit) until April 1st. After April 1st, 2019, our Area is financially on the hook for each spot we reserve. Should you need to cancel your child’s trip, we can give you a refund ONLY if you are able to get someone else to take your child’s spot!
Should you have to cancel your child’s trip due to injury or illness after April 1st, we will issue a partial refund (50%), if the spot cannot be filled.

When is the deposit and balance due?

In order to reserve your child’s trip in the first wave of “Let-Ins,” and therefore ensure they have a spot at camp, a $100 deposit AND your child’s health form is due FEBRUARY 14th! The full balance will be due March 24th.

For the second wave of “let-ins” (those that register after February 14th, but before March 10th), the $100 Deposit and the student’s health form is due on March 24th. If you have yet to contact the office OR pay the deposit/submit the Health form, we will unregister your child to allow another student to take their place. You can always re-register, and your child may be let in the third wave.

For the third wave of “let-ins” (those that register after March 10th), the FULL BALANCE and the student’s health form is due on April 22nd. There is no Deposit due. If you have yet to pay the balance and submit the Health form, we will unregister your child to allow another student to take their place. You can always re-register, but we cannot guarantee a spot for your child.

What if I need financial assistance?

Sammamish/ Issaquah is committed to making sure every student has the opportunity to go to Young Life camp, no matter what their financial situation is. To ensure funding doesn’t keep your child from attending camp, we have developed fundraising opportunities that students may participate in to raise money for any portion of their camp trip balance.

Fundraising $899.00 can seem overwhelming, but our Camp Fundraising process is designed to foster relationship, provide support, and make camp accessible for anyone needing financial assistance. Young Life Leaders will walk alongside students from beginning to end, keeping them updated on upcoming fundraisers and helping them meet their financial goal.

This year’s fundraising opportunities include selling Dwell Coffee (a local coffee business owned by one of our Leaders!), selling custom Young Life socks, and doing yard work for folks in the community on two different Saturdays this spring. If you are interested in Fundraising, reach out to our Area Director, Andy Morman, at to start your Fundraising Plan.

When is my fundraising plan due?

For those fundraising, there are two important financial due dates:

March 24th: a minimum of 1/2 of your full balance is due

April 22nd: The FULL balance is due.

At any point between when registration opens on January 22th and April 22nd, students may contact their Young Life leader to take advantage of our All-Area Fundraising opportunities. We will customize each Fundraising Plan to make sure your child is given every opportunity to raise the necessary amount of money.

Can I pay my child's balance in weekly/ monthly installments?
We understand that for some, camp is an incredible expense. We are determined to get every kid to camp who wants to go, no matter what their financial situation. If you need to set up a payment plan, please reach out to the Young Life office via email or phone. We will work with you to get your child to camp!

How do I log in to pay my balance?
To pay your balance, log into your ActiveWorks account using your user information.

What bus company do you use and are there safety measures?
We have partnered with JourneyLines for the last several Camp seasons. They are a reliable, affordable, and friendly local service out of Lynnwood! Each driver is certified to drive large passenger buses. Please see the JourneyLines website for more information.

When and where does the trip depart / return?
Our trips all leave at different times depending on when we are expected at the camp property. This communication will come via email around two weeks before departure. Normally, High School trips leave from Fred Meyer’s parking lot in Issaquah and Middle School trips leave from Pacific Cascade Middle School.
Our return time also vary depending on when we leave camp property, the amount of traffic expected, and for our Malibu Trips,ferry times. Stay tuned for more detailed information as we get closer to camp! Trips will arrive back to the same departure location

How does the driver stay awake?
We often drive through the night to get to camp on time! Our drivers are professionals at what they do. We have never experienced any issues with our timing. They are trained to work through the night if necessary and have strict hour restrictions so the do not become over-exhausted.

Can my child eat on the bus?
Absolutely! Snacks are allowed and encouraged! There will be at least one food stop on each trip where kids can get snacks or a quick meal, but we encourage kids to bring snacks to tide them over until we get to camp! All we ask is that you avoid overly sticky foods, peanuts, and glass bottles!

Does the bus stop for food?
Yes, but not for long!
There will potentially be other buses traveling to camp with us, which means long lines. It is smart to pack food for the drive!
  • On trips to Malibu, the bus takes a 45 minute ferry ride to Egmont. During the sail, all kids must get off the bus and go to the passenger deck. This is the perfect opportunity for kids to grab a quick snack or meal before we get to camp. 
  • On trips to Washington Family Ranch, buses will stop once near Yakima for kids to get food and use the restroom.
How long does the trip take?
All trip times are estimates and depend entirely on traffic, departure time, and ferry schedules.
  • Washington Family Ranch: 6-7 hours
  • Malibu: 9-11 hours (this includes the ‘Malibu Princess’ Boat ride)

Can I ta
ke my own child to the camp property?

While Camp properties try to keep traffic at a minimum, it is possible to take and pick up your child from camp. If you intend on either dropping off or picking up your child from camp, please reach out to the Area office to arrange pick up.

Can my child leave early/ arrive late?
Camp is jam packed full of activities- the fun starts right away and doesn’t end until the last bus leaves property. It is incredibly important that your child doesn’t miss a single moment!
Sometimes things happen, so it is possible for your child to arrive late or leave early if absolutely necessary. No discount will be applied to the camp cost. A special permissions form will need to be filled out, so make sure to reach out to the Area Office as soon as you know that your child will have to travel separately from the group.

Directions to Malibu/ WFR
Directions to Washington Family Ranch
Directions to Malibu
Note: to access Malibu Club, you’ll need to charter a water taxi or seaplane.
Seaplane info:
If you need to fly to Malibu, there are two airlines you can contact for more information.
Kenmore Air flies from Seattle, WA (Lake Washington) to Malibu. They are by far the best option. 
Harbour Air flies to Malibu from Vancouver and from the Sunshine Coast.
Remember, if you are flying to and from Canada from the US, you will need a passport.

Does my child need a passport?
Malibu Club is in Canada and we are required to go through border patrol. This means each child needs to bring proof of citizenship to leave and return through customs. Passports must be valid until at least 6 months after our trip.
Please do not pack these items in your luggage. You will need to show them at check-in and have available when crossing the border. We will collect them upon crossing and keep them safe while kids are at camp!
18 years and younger: A current passport or Enhanced Driver License is recommended. If that is not an option, bring both a copy of your birth certificate and a WA DL or ID card. (ASB cards not acceptable)
19 years and older: A current passport, passport card or Enhanced Driver License is required.

At Camp
Who is my child’s leader?
Our Young Life Leaders are what make Young Life special. They are year-round volunteers who love kids and want to make sure every kid feels loved, valued, and known. Leaders are asked to complete a formal background check and sign a ‘faith and conduct’ contract to ensure the safety of the students they interact with.
Each school has a team of Leaders, made up of individuals who are assigned a specific grade and gender of students, which makes it easier for them to spend time with students.

Who is in my child’s cabin / Can I assure my child will be with their friends?
Cabins are crafted entirely by our Young Life Leaders. They use their best judgement, which comes from spending time with the students they take to camp, to place kids in cabins. Cabins are gender specific and, for the most part, are broken up by school and grade. Still, we cannot promise that any two students will be bunking together. We promise- no matter where they sleep, they’ll have fun!

Can I talk to my child during camp?
A no cell phone policy is strictly enforced and, at many properties, there is little cell coverage. If you need to contact your child at camp due to an emergency, please call the camp directly, not your child’s Young Life Leader. A staff person will make sure your message is delivered to your son or daughter as soon as possible.
To reach Malibu via email, contact
via phone: 778-331-7944
To reach WFR via email, contact:
Via phone: 541-489-3100

Is there a place to view pictures of camp while they are there?
There is no live-stream pictures while kids are at camp. We encourage students to bring cameras so they can document the week from their own perspective! Every camp also creates a video each week, so kids can experience the week all over again when they get home.
These can be watched on the camp’s website:
Malibu Club
WFR Creekside
WFR Canyon

Can I send my child a package or mail?
Since campers are only there for a week, we recommend that you avoid sending mail/packages.
Camp properties are often so remote that USPS in fairly unreliable. If you want to get a special letter to your child, consider giving it to their leader before we leave. They can make sure it’s delivered to your child while they are at camp!

Can my child keep their medications with them?
Under Oregon state and Canadian law, medications will be administered by a member of the medical team at camp. This includes birth control, over-the-counter drugs like advil, and other medications that are taken with meals. Emergency medication such as epi-pens, insulin for diabetics and inhalers may be kept by the camper. Campers will check in their medications when they arrive at camp.

How do camps handle allergies?
Please make sure any special dietary needs are noted on your health form. Camp can easily accommodate vegetarian, gluten free and common food allergies. However, if your child has a unique dietary need/allergy please let the Area office know so we can pass this information on to the Food Service Manager at camp.

Packing list​​
Are there special items to pack? How many/ what size suitcases can my child bring?
We ask that each student limits their luggage to one carry-on backpack and one suitcase. Space is limited on the buses and in the cabins.  Campers’ Young Life leaders will be in direct communication with each camper about special items to pack.
This is a general list. Additional items may be added as we get closer.
  • Sport appropriate swimsuit 
  • Beach towel
  • Water bottle
  • Casual, weather appropriate clothes - it can get cold at night
  • 1 set of clothes that can get totally trashed, including shoes!
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Spending money for stops along the way and shopping at the camp store
  • Snacks (nothing sticky or glass bottles on the bus)
  • Toiletries / sunscreen / bug repellent
  • Pillow and small blanket for the bus
  • 1 “fancy” outfit (a sundress for girls and nice shirt for boys)
Special Notes:
Electronics are okay for travel but will be collected before we arrive at camp. YL can't be held responsible for lost, stolen or broken items. 
All bed linens are provided
Please make sure your luggage is clearly marked with name and address.

Is there anything kids shouldn’t bring to Camp?
Hopefully it comes as no surprise, but illicit substances are forbidden at Young Life Camp. If any alcohol, drugs, weapons, or other harmful items are found in a camper’s possession, they will be confiscated and destroyed. This includes vape pens, Juuls, any form of marijuana, knives and pepper spray.
Depending on the severity of the incident, Camp Property Staff will decide whether the student will be sent home OR is allowed to stay to complete the week of camp. ​


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