Capernaum - Young Life for kids with special needs


"We are acting as a bridge by which kids with disabilities can find life. It is being a friend and helping them to get to a place they cannot go on their own. It is sharing Jesus Christ with friends who happen to have disabilities. It is ministering to and being ministered to by Jesus in a wheelchair."
Nick Palermo
Director and Founder, Young Life Capernaum Ministries


What is Capernaum Ministries?

Mission Statement
Young Life's Capernaum ministry is devoted to serving the needs of youth with physical and developmental disabilities. We believe that young people with disabilities have the right to experience all of life's opportunities such as: fulfilling friendships, fun and adventure, activities which build self-esteem and challenge their limits and the right to explore a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 
Our orientation toward youth with disabilities is an unconditional one that welcomes all persons regardless of the ethnic background, race or religious beliefs.
About Capernaum Ministries
Young Life's first outreach to kids with disabilities, The Capernaum Project, was founded in 1986 in San Jose, CA.
Since that time, new Capernaum ministries have spread throughout the United States and abroad.
Trained leaders model Christ's unconditional love and acceptance by coming into kids' lives and meeting them at their point of need. Volunteers and staff communicate with kids at their level, in a casual and fun atmosphere.
We fill kids' lives with weekly Club meetings, parties and special events, camping trips...and with experiences never thought possible such as skiing, horseback riding and mountain climbing.

How to partner with Capernaum

Would you like to participate in Young Life's mission to youth with disabilities?
Consider the following:
  • Become a volunteer leader or driver
  • Provide financial support
  • Serve on the local area Committee
  • Help raise disability awareness within your community and church.

The rewards of reaching out to kids with disabilities are tremendous. By serving, you will experience the joy of helping kids grow and experience life to the fullest.

YOU can make the difference in a young person's life!


Want to learn more about Capernaum Ministries?

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting new branch of Young Life and discuss the many ways you can get involved, please contact the the Young Life office, 425-392-0515.

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Phone: (425) 392-0515

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